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Will Whole30 Heal My Gut?

Posted By on May 1, 2017

After a consultation with my doctor about my lousy digestion, I started Whole 30, which eliminates many known gut-destroyers. Namely legumes, dairy, sugar, wheat, grains, alcohol, and probably grain alcohol, etc. I can eat vegetables, fruit, meat, and some nuts. The saving grace is that I can drink coffee. It’s been two weeks and I’m doing well sticking to the program, though I ate out a few times and I can’t be...

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I had tea for lunch today

Posted By on Apr 24, 2017

The problem with thinking you’re eating healthy is that inevitably every bad decision catches up with you. The problem with actually eating healthy is that when your gut rebels you can’t be sure of the reason. A few weeks ago I went to the doctor because I had a spate of meals that ended with me curled on the bed in severe pain. The doctor suggested an elimination diet in order to see if the problem persists, and, if not,...

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