What You’ll Find On This Site

Under the Learn blog category you will find information about all of the things I’ve learned throughout my personal and work experience. They say smart people learn from their mistakes but truly wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Consider yourself wise as you learn from all of the things I’ve done wrong. I will also share resources and tips I’ve used to right those wrongs and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.
The Improve tab is to share all of the things I’ve been doing to improve my life – whether it be personally, professionally, financially, or other. This is where the How To articles will be, and, hopefully, where you’ll find some little nugget of information that will help with your own self-improvement endeavors.
The Believe tab is a collection of posts from a now-defunct Christian blog. You’ll find posts about matters of faith, what it was like growing up Christian, what it’s like now being single in the Church, and stories that, hopefully, bless your own faith journey.
Inspire may seem like a catch-all, but it’s a category that encompasses things that inspire me, how to help inspiration hit, passion projects I’m working on, and resources and tips you can utilize to become more inspired in your own work.


About Mandi


I am a world traveler turned young professional who likes to tell stories. Maybe it’s part of my Oneida heritage, but where oral histories have been used to pass down culture and tradition for thousands of years I now like to utilize technology to build narratives.

This is where digital storytelling comes in. I am a writer, graphic designer, front-end developer, public speaker, Prezi designer, videographer, animator, and anything else that will help me tell stories in ways that resonate and engage audiences. View my Portfolio here.

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I hope it will be inspirational. I know it will be exciting. And I want you there with me.