One Year Ago Today: More Tests

Posted By Mandi Lindner on Aug 26, 2014 | 0 comments

Part One, Part Two

After nearly two weeks of waiting I finally kept calling my doctor’s office until they got back to me. I know they’re busy. But having a sister in the healthcare industry means that I know test results are sent electronically within hours and my doc should know by now what the ultrasound shows.

When I finally get Dr. Stephanie on the phone it’s apparent that the ultrasound didn’t show her much of anything. Or, at least, enough to make a diagnosis other than that I have a mass in my abdomen.

Seriously, I’ll never get used to saying that.

It sounds scary.

So she says I should stop by and pick up a referral from Contract Health for a CT scan. Maybe this test will show us more of what she sees on the ultrasound results. I’m assuming she’s most concerned with what this damn thing is connected to, where it’s coming from, etc.

So for now, no definitive answer. No plan of action. Just more tests and waiting.

What do you think?