Life in DC Year 3: Mind & Body Health

Posted By Mandi Lindner on Jan 14, 2017 | 0 comments

So to sum up my previous posts, year one in DC was about gaining confidence and rebuilding my emotional health. Year two was about building a strong financial foundation and gaining professional health. As I look forward to year three I’m hoping to build on my mind (creative) and body (physical) health. I feel like I finally have enough of a routine in DC that I can dedicate my extra time to creative and physical pursuits.

Physical Goals

After my health issues a few years ago I never really got back into a workout or running routine. Then I moved and my free time really became chaotic. Now that I have some semblance of stability, I thought it high time to get back into fighting form.

To that end I joined My Peak Challenge, a group that supports healthy lifestyles through physical and creative challenges. For only $100 per year I get access to daily workouts and nutrition plans, and a global community of support…which is what I’ve really been lacking to hold myself accountable. And 50% of the $100 fee goes to support Bloodwise, a UK-based charity. So I can get fit while doing something good for the world.

My goal is to get back to running and get into races once more. To that end I am looking for a 5K in the DC area to complete in the next 2-4 months. I’m thinking my next half marathon will happen in 2018.

Creative Goals

Now that I feel like I finally have some brain power to spare, I’m pursuing something I’ve been thinking about for years: podcasting.

It’s been on my mind for many years that what I was taught in school about Native American history, what I learned in college completing my American Indian Studies minor, and the stories I heard during my internship with Oneida are not widely known. Native history, mythology, legends, and science are known throughout the local tribal communities, but not widely taught unless students seek it out.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a podcast to share these stories and recently took the first step of developing a website and newsletter to hold myself accountable. Through research at the Library of Congress (and my own bookshelves of course) and interviews with tribal elders at home and possibly elsewhere, I hope to do these stories justice and educate listeners on a different worldview.

Look for updates in late summer as I hope to launch the podcast next fall.

So these are the two main projects I’m tackling in 2017, with the addition of this new website/blog revamp. Looking forward, expect many more updates in the near future as well as a resurrection of my monthly(ish) e-newsletter.


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