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Running Again with C25K

Posted By on Apr 17, 2017

I used to be a runner. About 5 years ago I regularly signed up for 5Ks and two very memorable times ran half marathons. The Napa to Sonoma half was memorable because wine. The Wisconsin half was memorable because hypothermia blankets. Then I got sick and fell out of habit. Well, I’ve decided that one of my physical health goals this year is to run again regularly. So I’ve been using the C25k app to get back into fighting...

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As I watch my little orange kitten separate a stack of boxes with his paws and attempt to shred every one with his little tiger teeth it occurs to me that everyone’s gotta have a goal. Otherwise, what are we living for amirite? Well, this year is the year of physical health and in order to properly track my achievements I gotta start with a goal. Four of them to be exact. In no particular order are 4 attainable, measurable goals...

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