4 Personal Fitness Goals for 2017

Posted By Mandi Lindner on Apr 3, 2017 | 0 comments

As I watch my little orange kitten separate a stack of boxes with his paws and attempt to shred every one with his little tiger teeth it occurs to me that everyone’s gotta have a goal. Otherwise, what are we living for amirite?

Well, this year is the year of physical health and in order to properly track my achievements I gotta start with a goal. Four of them to be exact. In no particular order are 4 attainable, measurable goals I’m setting for myself this year.

Me rn

Run A Race Again

I miss running. I stopped after my surgery and inexplicable knee injury. It’s far past time to get back into it again, and I’m already way ahead of you so don’t worry. I just banged out Week 1 of Couch-to-5K and am looking forward to dominating Week 2. Turns out walking 3+ miles per day helps build your endurance, which reminds me of my next goal…

Commute on Foot at Least 4 Times Each Week

I live just over a mile from work. Last summer we spent so many days in the 90’s that it was a little too easy to jump on the bus in the morning and skip the exercise in favor of air conditioning. This year I’m laying down a very public commitment to walk at least 4 days a week rain or shine or debilitating heat and humidity. I kind of hate myself already. But this may just be the impetus and motivation I need to hit the gym in the morning before work. Cuz imma need a shower after this commute most likely.

Dedicated Workout (beyond walking) at Least 4 Times Each Week

What I’ve found over the past 2 years in DC is that walking everywhere is not the sure-fire recipe for weight loss now that I’m in my 30’s as it was in my early twenties. Metabolism is a bitch. So I’m going to plan for an actual workout 4 days per week, whether that’s a run, weight lifting, yoga, kayaking, hiking, softball, or some other scheduled physical activity. I’m not looking to Crossfit, I’m just looking to be a little more consistent in regular exercise.

Finish that Damn Canister of Protein Powder Already

I bought a canister of protein powder awhile ago and barely consumed any of it because it just seemed like smoothies were too difficult, the blender was so noisy, then I got a kitten and didn’t want to scare him with the noise, and the ice cubes were too big to fully blend, and on and on. If I’m going to increase the exercise I need to fuel the body and protein powder is the easiest way to get a punch of muscle building superhero strength. Plus, I needed one more goal to round out this post and this seemed like a funny one to add.


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